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Mommy Time or Baby Time? Who knows the better schedule?

Mommy Time or Baby Time?Who knows the better schedule?
New moms often find themselves gently laying their sleeping newborns down into their beds and then saying to themselves, “Finally! The baby is asleep, what can I get done before she wakes up?”Six weeks later, the baby is awake more often and the mother is trying to figure how to get that sleepy baby back so she can have a moments rest.Does this seem a little backwards to you?Perhaps instead of asking what we can be doing while baby sleeps, we should be asking what we can do while the baby is awake.When baby is sleeping, mother should be sleeping.Especially during those first 6-8 weeks postpartum.
Take Time to Rest
Labor and pregnancy is hard work and our bodies need some time to recover fully from the experience.Likewise, the birth and a totally new environment is hard on the new baby.Both need this time of rest and bonding.When baby sleeps, mom should sleep, when baby eats, mom should be eating, when baby has a dirty diaper, mom sh…