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Happy August Everyone!

It has been an action packed summer in our household.  I took a break from doula services to spend time with my family.  This year I had Momma Camp for my older two kids, resulting in various adventures every week. One even included seeing a different type of birth at Fair Oaks Farms. School is starting again next week, and Gracious Hands Doula Services is now taking clients for fall and winter.

Here are a few upcoming events you should know!

Understanding Birth Class August 18, 2018

This class is a great starting point for expectant parents learning about all the various aspects and options of birth.  The birthing process and methods used to encourage the natural progress of labor will be discussed.  Birth interventions, comfort measures, and labor support are also discussed.

Class enrollment is open until August 15th.  Register here.

Natural Comfort Measures Class September 15, 2018

Interactive lessons and hands on practice of comfort measures are discussed and practiced to help create confidence in labor and birth choices. Expectant parents will learn the natural progressions of labor and methods of labor management which support minimal medical interventions.  Various labor tools are available to try, including birth balls, Rebozos, massage tools, and more! 
Register here

In home lactation consultations available

Bringing home your newborn is a big deal. You are learning all about this new little person, often on little sleep following a grand effort of bringing this little one into the world.  If breastfeeding isn’t going as well as mom hoped, it can seem daunting to pack baby up again to go out to see a consultant.  Cue Gracious Hands Doula Services!  In home consultations including pre and post weight feeds, physical examinations, and hands on support are provided, along with an action plan for a better feeding experience. You can email to set up an appointment.  Each visit is a flat rate of $45.
 Gracious Hands Doula Services supports the new mother through birth and beyond. 
Contact us today to see how we can best support you on your birthing journey. 



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Have you ever seen an OR room with the lights turned off?Everything put away in its place?All is clean and sterile?All is quiet?Empty…?

I must confess that in my own experience I had never seen it happen.I am sure it is the case; an ordinary occurrence for the staff of the hospitals.But for me, my view of an OR has been quite different.
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An Insider’s Guide to Birth at…
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