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The Napping Nurser

When I asked some of my fellow moms what they wish they knew when they started out breastfeeding.  One topic that came up was what you should do when your baby wants to fall asleep at the breast, only to wake up 5 minutes later wanting to nurse again. When this happens I will ask the mom a few questions to help determine what should be done, if anything. 1.  Is the baby latching on correctly?   Breastfeeding is much easier, more efficient, and has better milk flow when the baby is latched on correctly.  If the milk is not coming easily for the baby than they might fall asleep out of disinterest.  Check out this link for great images and video of a good deep latch. 2.  Is the baby awake and alert?   Trying to get an infant to actively nurse as they are entering a light REM sleep will not be as effective as nursing a baby in the quite and alert stage.  Keeping baby in this stage can be done through skin

Welcome home baby ….and mom

Often much thought is put into the preparation for baby’s homecoming following the birth.   The perfect crib is bought, the right shade of paint picked for the nursery, you have so many diapers you feel like you are bringing home triplets instead of just one child.   Everyone is waiting expectantly to hold the new little bundle when the family arrives home.   But, what about the mom?   Have any preparations been made for her? Still tired and sore from labor, and probably dazed from the level of hormones raging through her body mom is often looking for a haven at home.   She walks in just wanting to sit down and rest, but finds it difficult to get comfortable in her usual seat.   The distance to the bathroom seems 10 times father away and the distance between baby’s bed and the bathroom even more so.   Dad leaves mom and baby together in front of the TV and the remote is across the room and mother is parched with nothing to drink.   Baby is hungry, but it is hard to hold the baby up at

Gracious Hands Doula Services

Gracious Hands Doula Services My name is Leah Garner.  It is my pleasure to offer compassionate postpartum care to families in the Tippecanoe County area.  It is my belief that the entire family benefits from an extra pair of hands to help, ears to listen, and a heart to care during the time of transition in the fourth trimester.  I have been trained by DONA International to provide nonjudgmental support and education for: Newborn care Mothering the new mother Breastfeeding Baby soothing techniques Family adjustment Screening for Postpartum Mood Disorders Preparation of nutritious meals Light housekeeping Referrals of local resources I hope to share through this page ideas and resources on how to mother the new mother, support the new family, and basic newborn care.   If you have any questions or ideas to share send me a post or email.   I would love to hear from you.