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Warning! Cluster Feeding Ahead!

Warning! Cluster Feeding Ahead! Congratulations!   Your baby is here and you have made it home from the hospital.   Breastfeeding is being established, the latch is improving and after the first night home you think just maybe you have this figured out.   And then baby starts feeding more frequently, sometimes every 30 minutes or less.   What is happening?   Is baby not getting enough?   Is your milk supply decreasing?   Should you supplement?   It can be very discouraging for a tired and often emotional mom and self-doubt starts to creep in. Take a deep breath.   You have entered the realm of cluster feeding .   Breastfeeding is based upon the supply and demand system.   The more a baby eats, the more the mother's milk supply is increased.   By day 4 and 5, breast milk has transitioned into mature milk. During this time baby’s stomach is growing from the size if a walnut to the size of an egg.   In preparation of this growing need, baby starts feeding more frequently