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I’m not every doula….and that is ok

I’m not every doula….and that is ok The year of 2017 has definitely been one of growth for me.   I successfully completed my Breastfeeding Educator certification, recertified as a DONA birth doula, and currently am working to become a certified Childbirth Educator.   It feels like I'm wearing a lot of hats.   I sometimes need to remind myself that I am not every doula, and that is ok. I offer many services, but not everything. I am ok with that.   Sometimes it is in the things that I am not , that strengthens those that I am .   Let me give some examples. Birth photographer I bring a basic digital camera with me to births, but only bring it out at the request of my clients. I take a few pictures, but would rather focus on being present with the client and preserving the space around this precious event and offering the emotional physical support needed in the moment. Medical care provider Some doulas are in training to be a nurse, midwife assistant, m