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One moment at a time….Moving through life, birth, and motherhood in its own time

One moment at a time…. Moving through life, birth, and motherhood in its own time As a mother of three, I often find myself standing in front of a laundry basket full of clean clothing waiting to be folded and put away into their appropriate homes around the house.   Folding is not one of my favorite chores, and I am happy when my husband shares the load with me.   But, as I am often the one home during the day, the task often falls to me.   The folding in itself isn’t hard.   It is the thoughts of everything else that needs to be done that leads to my aggravation.   The other day while folding a basket of underwear (aka matching sock roulette) my mind was busy calculating what else I could get done in the next hour.   There was dinner to prep, an assignment to finish, an email to send, a Bible study to read, dishes to put away, and much more.   I started worrying that I wouldn’t be able to get everything done in my self-imposed time frame.   And then I looked down an