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The night the Operating Room went dark…

Have you ever seen an OR room with the lights turned off?   Everything put away in its place?   All is clean and sterile?   All is quiet?    Empty…? I must confess that in my own experience I had never seen it happen.   I am sure it is the case; an ordinary occurrence for the staff of the hospitals.   But for me, my view of an OR has been quite different.   When I visualize an OR, it is bright, filled with people, lots of noises, and it is very cold.   You often see more of the ceiling than you do of the floor, or even the surrounding walls.   The color of blue scrubs and screens fill one’s view. And yet…there was the night the OR went dark. It was a late night supporting a client that needed baby delivered in a hurry.   Everyone was prepped, mom was taken in, baby made her arrival, and mom slowly rejoined the conscious world as she felt her baby on her chest. I notice over my shoulder that staff were finishing up in the OR.   Everything prepared for the next possib