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An Insider’s Guide to Birth at…  IU Arnett Hospital

An Insider’s Guide to Birth at… IU Arnett Hospital          In my doula career I have supported birth in a variety of facilities.   That said, I most often find myself at IU Arnett Hospital in my role of doula.   My personal experience also includes the three deliveries of my own children.   I also volunteer as a leader for the breastfeeding support group. IU Arnett is located at 5165 McCarty Lane, Lafayette, IN 47905.   The hospital is known for their birthing tubs, midwives, specialists in obstetrics, and their Riley NICU.   Checking In          When it is time to head to the hospital for delivery, especially after regular office hours, moms are directed to check in at the Emergency Department Desk.   Once checked in and paperwork signed, a nurse from the Labor and Delivery will come down and meet you and escort you upstairs.   A wheelchair will be offered, but many moms prefer to walk instead of sitting while in labor.   A quick trip upstairs to the third floor w

The “Perfect Perfect Birth”

The “Perfect Perfect Birth”               Last week our home invited a couple kids over for the evening, so their parents could get a much needed break.   My daughter was enthralled with the process of planning the perfect playdate.   She said that she wanted to plan the “perfect perfect party”.   She composed a song to sing to them upon their arrival. She arranged the toys in the basement so we could have a dance party. She was telling her brothers exactly what they were supposed to do when the friends arrived.   Every detail was attended to.               It would have been the “perfect perfect party” if it had been for another 6 year old girl who loved music and dancing.   Unfortunately, our guests were a 3 year old boy and a 1 year old girl.   Both who had interests and abilities different from my daughter.   I tried to let her know that her plans probably wouldn’t work, because it wasn’t the best fit for our guests.   There was some disappointment and frustration, but onc